Scammers use Caller ID Spoofing to Trick Victims in Indiana

The Attorney General in Indiana has asked persons who receive calls from the utility company asking for delinquent payments to simply HANG UP, after a rash of calls have made victims of unsuspecting consumers.Thief with phone

The scammers have in part been able to deceive their victims by using caller ID spoofing services, such as, to change the caller id display on the victims phone to reflect that of the utility company.  Thinking that they were receiving a call legitimately from the utility company, the victims were less hesitant to provide personal data as well as credit card information for payment.

Individuals who feel they may be a victim should file a consumer complaint with the Attorney General’s office by visiting or by calling 1-800-380-5516.


If you purchased a cell phone after January of this year, it is now illegal - and worse criminal - to unlock your cell phone.  Cell phone unlocking is not new, a quietly practiced process by many consumers enabling them to change cell phone carriers at will without having to purchase a new mobile phone. offers phones that allow users to swap out SIM cards, a practice that can lead to tremendous phone bill savings when traveling overseas. locked cell phone image

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which passed Congress in 1998, prohibits consumers from circumventing technological restrictions on what they can do with the music, DVDs, software and even cell phones.  The debate is on, as many consumers feel they should be able to use their purchased tech in any way they please.  For more information see the full article featured in the Washington Post.

Using a Voice Changer to Make Calls

Sometimes using a voice changer on your phone is necessary. Beyond the typical prank call antics that come to mind, single women might use them to return calls to unknown numbers. By changing their voice to sound like a male on the phone, they'll quickly discover the motives of the caller.old woman image

Physical voice changers that attach to telephones are also a good idea for kids home alone or people that live alone. If incoming calls are not known, the call recipient can answer without hesitation about being home alone.

There are many types of voice changer devices and software on the market, but has an interesting view on some of those available. Certainly worth a visit to investigate further.